For nonprofits considering a search

If you're a nonprofit in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, and are looking for an executive search firm to help you find an exceptionally talented person to fill a key position at your organization, I would be pleased to hear from you. 

Since 1999, I have completed about 125 searches for a wide range of foundations, associations, and other nonprofits looking for its next CEO, COO, CFO, VP for Finance and Administration, and other senior level professionals. For a full list of completed searches, please click the button below:

Some key characteristics of my searches


Focus on the Washington, DC, metropolitan area

I conduct searches only for nonprofits, including foundations and associations, in the Washington, DC, area. While the search itself might surface candidates from other parts of the country (or world), this geographic focus helps me become very knowledgeable about the impressive local talent pool and often helps you fill the position faster.

Personal involvement at every step

I am, by design, a one-person search firm. I limit the number of searches I take on so that I can give each client the attention its important recruiting effort requires. And, because I do not delegate key steps in the search to junior staff, you can be confident that you are always being represented by an experienced and polished professional.

fixed fee

My fee will be a flat rate that we'll discuss and agree to before the search begins. (Unlike many other search firms, I do not charge a percentage of salary.) A fixed fee eliminates surprises and uncertainty, and makes it easier for you to budget for what is often an unanticipated recruitment.

If you'd like to discuss a potential search, please contact me.

About to launch a CEO search?

I'd encourage you to read my article, "The Five Characteristics of Effective CEO Search Committees," as you begin the process.